Indispensable protection for domestic installations: SYR drinking water filters.

Our drinking water is clean. Water companies observing the strict limit values and ensuring the high potable water quality see to it every single day. However, on the way from the water company to your home, rust particles, metal chips, sand or other foreign matters from the pipework may get into the water. Foreign substances that may damage the domestic water installation. Therefore, potable water filters have to be installed as set out in the standard DIN 1988. The filter technology from SYR removes dirt particles from the water, provides reliable purity, thus protecting the complete installation. By the way: we are the company with the well-known DRUFI — the filter system proven hundreds of thousands of times worldwide.
Backwash filter DRUFI+ max DFR/FR 2315
DRUFI+ max DFR 2315.01.202 DRUFI+ max FR 2315.01.203
  • prevents pitting corrosion
  • award-winning design
  • high flow rate
  • highly efficient backwash system
  • control elements marked in yellow
  • practical sliding ring as service reminder
  • UV-protection against microbial growth
  • maintenance indicator reminding that backwashing is due
  • accessories: automatic backwash system RSA, can be retrofitted without tools from DN 32 to DN 50
  • DVGW-tested safety
Semi-automatic backwash filter with pressure reducing valve, inlet pressure manometer (0-25 bar) and outlet pressure manometer (0-10 bar), outlet pressure setting range 1.5 to 6 bar. Includes molded seal, screws, Allen key for the assembly.
Semi-automatic backwash filter with pressure gauge. Upgradable with a pressure reducing valve (Order-No. 2315.01.934). Molded seal, screws, Allen key for the assembly included.

Do not forget to order the SYR connection flange DN 32 to 50!

DRUFI+ max DFR/FR 2315
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