We are SYR ― the Hans Sasserath GmbH & Co. KG

We have been a family-owned company for more than 80 years by conviction, supported by a competent management team and more than 250 committed employees. Our flat and efficient organizational structure is held in high esteem, in particular when it comes to the cooperation with commerce and trade. We thus manage to bridge the gap between tradition and innovation ― made by SYR. Time and again we have our products and ideas patented, thus strengthening our position as a leading brand manufacturer. Each of our decisions is geared towards securing the future of our company and the jobs of our entire staff. This is our responsibility.

<h2>The SYR seminar program: developed in practice for use in practice</h2>
<p>The challenges for the sanitary and heating industry keep increasing. Topics like smart homes require expertise that goes far beyond the usual know-how. In terms of building technology, potable water and heating installations are more and more complex and demanding, with prescriptions and standards that have to be complied with. Our seminars will provide practical expert tips and know-how to make you master these new challenges.</p>
<p>Go to our <a href=Seminar brochure for more information and dates. Additional seminars are mentioned below. To apply, simply fill in the contact form.

The new seminar dates for 2019 will be published at the ISH

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