Milestones for an entire branch of industry ― Innovation made by SYR

Since 1939, SYR has developed and designed successful safety and regulation valves in the field of potable and heating water. The secret to our success lies in our innovative strength within the system, bringing together what belongs together. An exemplary success story is the potable water filter with an integrated pressure reducing valve: the DRUFI which secured SYR’s position among the top players in the field ― “SYR? Is that the company with the DRUFI?” Other SYR milestones followed, like, for example, the Safety Center 4807 that combines all the necessary components for protecting water heaters according to the DIN standard and results in an enormous reduction of time for the installer, the ConnectionCenter All-in-One that makes sure that unvented heating installations are filled with properly conditioned heating water. Etc., etc…

DRUFI Classic 1988 DRUFI Classic
Safety Center 4807 1997 Safety Center 4807
Filling Combi BA 2003 Filling Combi BA
Water softener IT 3000 2006 Water softener IT 3000
Safe-T leakage detection 2010 Safe-T leakage detection
2013 Heating filter HF 3415
LEX Plus 10 Connect 2015 LEX Plus 10 Connect
Connection Centre all-in-one 2016 Connection Centre all-in-one
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