Standard-conforming protection of the heating system: filling, filtration, degassing, desludging.

Professionals are required when it comes to safety. We from SYR have heating valves complying with all standards. Starting with the DIN EN 1717 requirements for the potable water protection to prevent the pollution of the drinking water by backflow, backpressure or backsiphonage of the heating water and thus, avoiding health hazards. Up to the VDI 2035 standard aiming at preventing lime formation and water-induced corrosion causing expensive damage in heating systems. Should the manufacturers’ requirements for the fill water not be fulfilled, the warranty may no longer apply. Installers and operators have to see to it. And with SYR, you are on the safe side!
Backflow Preventer STBA 400/600
STBA 400 6625.15.004 STBA 600 6625.15.006
SYR Pro-Tip
The backflow preventer STBA 600 is the first backflow preventer that can be installed in vertical position, as the flange system allows the vertical installation in the main axis.

Designed for the protection of potable water against non potable water according to EN 1717 up to and including fluid category 4. Installation upstream of apparatuses and draw-off points. Body made of hot-pressed brass and synthetic material.

with stop valve for the exchange against draw-off valves
with pressure reducing valve and pressure gauge

The backflow preventer can be installed in the vertical axis with the modern flange technology – perfect for self-contained heating systems and surface pipe groups.

Backflow Preventer STBA 400/600
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