Standard-conforming protection of the heating system: filling, filtration, degassing, desludging.

Professionals are required when it comes to safety. We from SYR have heating valves complying with all standards. Starting with the DIN EN 1717 requirements for the potable water protection to prevent the pollution of the drinking water by backflow, backpressure or backsiphonage of the heating water and thus, avoiding health hazards. Up to the VDI 2035 standard aiming at preventing lime formation and water-induced corrosion causing expensive damage in heating systems. Should the manufacturers’ requirements for the fill water not be fulfilled, the warranty may no longer apply. Installers and operators have to see to it. And with SYR, you are on the safe side!
Solar-Pressure Relief Valve 8115
DN 15 2,5 bar 8115.15.000 3 bar 8115.15.001 4 bar 8115.15.002 6 bar 8115.15.003 DN 20 2,5 bar 8115.20.000 3 bar 8115.20.001 6 bar 8115.20.003
Designed for the protection of solar heating systems according to DIN 4757, part 1 and for the protection of hydraulic systems. Body made of hot-pressed brass.
Solar-Pressure Relief Valve 8115
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