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Spot-on: SYR support specials.

Benefit from our support, including informative brochures, product sheets on water management and heating protection, films and videos on the functioning and installation of our products. Download practical forms, for example the guide for the filling of heating units. Find order numbers in our overview of article references and order accessories and spare parts for fittings and valves that are no longer part of our current range. Click on “Tender specifications” and you will be referred to the website ““. As an end-customer, you will find your SYR expert technician via the expert technicians search query. Go to our FAQs for recurring questions ― should questions not be answered there, please address the contact person of your choice under “Contact”.

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Articlenumber Products EAN
2312.00.3XXSYR Safety inlet control group 2312, 22 mm 2312.20.2XXSYR Safety group Multibloc 2312, 22 mm 2314.00.903SYR O-Ring for Filtercap for DUO HOT4017905121651 2314.00.904SYR Mounting key for filter cup DUO DFR/FR4017905122726 2314.00.905SYR Filter cap for DUO HOT DFR/FR4017905124812 2314.00.907SYR Pressure gauge DUO DFR/FR HOT4017905124409 2314.20.000SYR Pressure reducing valve/Backwash filter DUO 2314 DFR, DN 204017905115353 2314.20.001SYR Backwash filter DUO 2314 FR, DN 204017905115360 2314.20.004SYR Pressure reducing valve/Backwash filter DUO 2314 DFR HOT, DN 204017905124072 2314.20.005SYR Backwash filter DUO 2314 FR HOT, DN 204017905124089 2314.25.000SYR Pressure reducing valve/Backwash filter DUO 2314 DFR, DN 254017905115377 2314.25.001SYR Backwash filter DUO 2314 FR, DN 254017905115384 2314.25.004SYR Pressure reducing valve/Backwash filter DUO 2314 DFR HOT, DN 254017905124096 2314.25.005SYR Backwash filter DUO 2314 FR HOT, DN 254017905124102 2315.00.071SYR Combiflange DN20-DN324017905109222 2315.00.082SYR Pressure reducing valve/Cartridge filter Drufi+ 2315 DFF4017905173292 2315.00.083SYR Cartridge filter Drufi+ 2315 FF4017905173308 2315.00.920SYR Drain plug for Domestic water unit 2000 Plus4017905165761 2315.00.929SYR Valve body for Drufi+ FR/FF4017905167826 2315.00.930SYR Filter for Drufi+ DFR/FR4017905167789 2315.00.931SYR Flange seal 4017905027281 2315.00.932SYR 2315 Supporting part for Drufi+ FR4017905180917 2315.00.944SYR Flange seal for Drufi+ max4017905052993 2315.00.961SYR Spring for Drufi+ DFR/FR4017905167758 2315.01.200SYR Pressure reducing valve/Backwash filter Drufi+ 2315 DFR, int.4017905173278 2315.01.201SYR Backwash filter Drufi+ 2315 FR, int.4017905173285 2315.01.202SYR Pressure reducing valve/Backwash filter Drufi+ max 2315 DFR, int.4017905191203 2315.01.203SYR Backwash filter Drufi+ max 2315 FR, int.4017905191210 2315.01.911SYR Blanking cap for all Drufi-Flanges DN32 - DN 504017905258432 2315.01.914SYR Filtercap for Drufi+ DFR4017905175913 2315.01.915SYR Filtercap for Drufi+ FR4017905175920 2315.01.916SYR Filtercap for Drufi+ DFF4017905175937 2315.01.917SYR Filtercap for Drufi+ FF4017905175944 2315.01.918SYR Valve body for Drufi+ DFR/DFF4017905175951 2315.01.919SYR Cover for Drufi+4017905176170 2315.01.920SYR Pressure gauge for Drufi+ DFR/DFF4017905176187 2315.01.921SYR Tundish for Drufi+ DFR/FR4017905176194 2315.01.922SYR O-Ring Filtercap for Drufi+4017905176200 2315.01.923SYR Handle for Drufi+ DFR/FR4017905176217 2315.01.924SYR Angle tundish for Drufi+ DFR/FR4017905176286 2315.01.925SYR Pressure reducing cartridge für Drufi+ DFR/DFF up to 20154017905176910 2315.01.927SYR Assembly key for filtercap Drufi+max4017905196000 2315.01.930SYR Pressure gauge for Drufi+max DFR4017905192903 2315.01.931SYR Valve body komplett für Drufi+max4017905192804 2315.01.932SYR Filter for Drufi+max4017905192811 2315.01.933SYR Supporting part for Drufi+max4017905192828 2315.01.934SYR Pressure reducing cartridge for Drufi+max4017905192958 2315.01.935SYR Spring for Drufi+max4017905192835 2315.01.936SYR Filtercap for Drufi+max DFR4017905192910 2315.01.937SYR Filtercap for Drufi+max FR4017905192927 2315.01.940SYR O-Rings Filtercap for Drufi+max4017905192842 2315.01.941SYR Handle for Drufi+max4017905192859 2315.01.943SYR Tundish for Drufi+max4017905192873 2315.01.963SYR Filter cap complete for Drufi+ DFF from 20164017905177122 2315.01.965SYR Filter for Drufi+ DFR/FR, 20um4017905190152 2315.01.970SYR Pressure reducing cartridge für Drufi+ DFR from 20164017905221337 2315.01.971SYR Filtercap for Drufi+ DFR from 20164017905221344 2315.20.025SYR Flange-Pressfitting 22 mm4017905089166 2315.20.200SYR Drufi-Universalflange 2315 DN 204017905007429 2315.25.025SYR Flange-Pressfitting 28 mm4017905089173 2315.25.200SYR Drufi-Universalflange 2315 DN 254017905007450 2315.32.025SYR Flange-Pressfitting 35 mm4017905089180 2315.32.200SYR Drufi-Universalflange 2315 DN 324017905007481 2315.32.201SYR Drufi max-Universalflange 2315 DN 32, int.4017905038737 2315.40.201SYR Drufi max-Universalflange 2315 DN 40, int.4017905034647 2315.50.201SYR Drufi max-Universalflange 2315 DN 50, int.4017905034654 2316.00.200SYR Automatic backwash system for Drufi+/HWS+ from 2013, int.4017905193849 2316.00.905SYR Power connection for RSA 23164017905167864 2320.00.901SYR Blanking cap for all Drufi-Flanges up to DN324017905044110 2328.15.906SYR Assembly key for Filling Combi CA Euro 68274017905184502 2340.00.900SYR Fikter element for DUO HOT DFR/FR4017905082693 2350.00.901SYR Valve housing complete for DUO DFR/FR4017905171809 2350.00.903SYR Filter complete for DUO DFR/FR4017905171823 2350.00.904SYR Filter cap compl. with ball valve for DUO DFR/FR from 20124017905171830 2350.00.906SYR Mounting key for filter cap for DUO DFR/FR4017905175326 2350.00.907SYR O-Ring for DUO DFR/FR from 20124017905189712 2350.00.908SYR Filter complete for DUO DFR/FR 40 µm4017905271844 2421.00.005SYR Safe-T Combi 2421 Leakage protection4017905179393 2421.00.010SYR Safe-T Connect Leakage protection4017905186032 2421.00.020SYR Safe-T Connect Slave Leakage protection4017905204651 2421.00.021SYR Floor sensor for Safe-T Connect and ISI4017905206327 2421.00.023SYR Package ISI Home with SYR Connect Master and Slave4017905206341 2421.00.901SYR Floor sensor for Safe-T LS-Modul Leakage protection 4017905170734 2421.00.904SYR Turbine for SYR Safe-T Connect Master4017905211246 2421.00.905SYR Turbine Slave for SYR Safe-T Connect Slave4017905211253 2421.00.906SYR Battery holder Safe-T LS-Module4017905219693 2621.00.000SYR Hygiene module HM Connect cold and warm universal4017905206358 2621.00.001SYR Hygiene module HM Connect single cold or warm universal4017905206372 2621.00.900SYR Tile frame for HM Connect cold and warm universal4017905214575 3000.00.911SYR Salt for regeneration progress for IT 3000 Water softener4017905109086 3000.00.913SYR Hardness tester for IT 3000 Water softener4017905110143 3065.20.000SYR Thermal safety valve 3065 DN 20 with capillary tube 1,3m4017905007566 3065.20.001SYR Thermal safety valve 3065 DN 20 with capillary tube 5m4017905007580 3065.20.006SYR Thermal safety valve 3065, 55 °C, DN 20 with capillary tube 5m4017905048613 3065.20.900SYR Piston for 3065 for Thermal safety valve bis 03/894017905007597 3065.20.902SYR Screw cap for Thermal safety valve4017905007641 3065.20.903SYR Temperature probe for Thermal safety valve with capillary tube 1,3m4017905007610 3065.20.906SYR Temperature probe for Thermal safety valve. with capillary tube 5m4017905007634 3065.20.909SYR Screw cap for Thermal safety valve4017905011686 3065.20.911SYR Stuffing box for 3065 for Thermal safety valve bis 04/894017905007658
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