Hot water under control: standard-complying protection of water heaters.

Pressure relief valves are designed to protect water heaters and installations against overpressure caused by the heating of water. With a range including membrane pressure relief valves, various models of the proven safety groups SYRobloc or the SafetyCenter 4807 with an anti-Legionella membrane expansion vessel, SYR offers everything that is required for the connection and protection of unvented water heaters. In accordance with standards, of course. And always under consideration of the service-friendliness. As, we from SYR attach importance to facilitating the installers’ work. Thus, our valves always provide total safety — easily and in no time.
SYRobloc Plus
24.2 with DN 15 6 bar 0024.15.050 8 bar 0024.15.051 10 bar 0024.15.052 24.2 with DN 20 6 bar 0024.20.050 8 bar 0024.20.051 10 bar 0024.20.052 25.2 with DN 15 6 bar 0025.15.050 8 bar 0025.15.051 10 bar 0025.15.052 25.2 with DN 20 6 bar 0025.20.050 8 bar 0025.20.051 10 bar 0025.20.052
For the connection of unvented (pressurized) water heaters in accordance with DIN 1988. Certified by DVGW and acoustic approval class 1. Include a double isolation valve, a check valve with test device, a diaphragm pressure relief valve with a stainless steel valve seat and an extendable tundish. Safety group SYRobloc Plus 25 is equipped with an additional presure reducer.
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SYRobloc Plus 24/25
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