Ultimate well-being every day – enjoy soft water with SYR

Soft water simply means more quality of life: it pampers your skin, feels good, and makes your hair shiny. Savour the full aroma of your tea and coffee. Your laundry and towels will be perfectly soft. Your valves and installations will no longer be subject to limescale, and hideous lime deposits will be a thing of the past. No need to do without soft water in this day and age: the LEX Connect softening systems combine efficient water softening with modern internet technology. Once your devices are connected to the internet, the SYR App will ensure the complete control of the functions with many features, free of charge. For more information on the advantages of a LEX water softening system, go to weichwasser.info.
IT 3000 3000.00.000
  • noticeably soft water
  • low salt costs due to reduced salt consumption
  • reduced energy consumption
  • DVGW-tested safety
Microprocessor-controlled water softener designed to produce softened water with manually adjustable blending valve and automatic disinfection. The system permanently produces softened water due to the compact construction form with two resin tanks. Regeneration with low salt quantity. Water hardness measuring device included in the delivery. Do not forget to order the SYR connection flange and regeneration salt!
IT 3000
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