Perfect heating: the quality of the water is decisive.

Modern heating systems ensure cozy warmth and reduce the energy costs, provided the heating installation works perfectly. Heating water plays a decisive role in this context — as it applies to all heating systems that water is the energy carrier distributing the warmth in the house. And only the right water quality adjusted to the heating system will achieve optimal energy efficiency, thus securing the investment in the long run. By contrast, untreated water can lead to expensive damage in the heating installation— this may even cause the loss of the product warranty of the heating system manufacturer. Protecting the heating installation has never been so important.
ConnectionCenter 3228 All-in-One 3228.15.010
  • Compact installation dimension
  • In- and outlet Isolatiing valves
  • Digital Capacity Control
  • Integrated backflow preventer BA
  • Pressure reducing valve
  • Blending valve
  • Conductivity meter as accessory
  • Manometer
  • Wall bracket
  • Cartridge system
SYR’s ConnectionCenter 3200 All-in-One includes everything you need when filling your installation in accordance with rules and standards: a BA Backflow Preventer (compulsory according to EN 1717), stop valves, a pressure reducing valve, a blending system and a conductivity sensor (optional). The new device works with the proven cartridge system – unvented heating installations can be filled either with softened or fully demineralized water. Simply connect the required cartridge to the Connection Center 3200 All-in-One and fit the latter to the heating system. When depleted, the cartridges can be refilled with exchange resin.
ConnectionCenter 3228 All-in-One
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