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Prevention rather than treading water. We make your water safe.

3,000 cases of water damage, day in, day out, in Germany alone. And the number of water damage due to pipe bursts keeps increasing year after year – and yet the repair of the pipe burst is often the lesser evil. In many cases, consequential damage is even worse. Frequently, apartments or buildings are uninhabitable as a consequence of pipe bursts – for instance because dehumidifiers have to run for weeks to prevent unhealthy mould formation. And more often than not, personal memorabilia, like photo albums or books, are destroyed and irretrievably lost. Minor problems, for example a disconnected tube or a spilling sink, can cause devastating damage that can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of euros (for more information, see We offer three options for efficient protection against expensive water damage. From single solutions to interconnected systems – if desired, controllable via the Internet!
SafeTech Connect Leakage-detection
DN 20 2422.20.200 DN 25 2422.25.200 DN 32 2422.32.200
  • The SYR App is free of charge and sees to the complete function control with many features via the internet or Wi-Fi.
  • Notification by text message or e-mail in online mode
  • Monitoring during holidays and special absence function
  • May monitor several SafeFloor sensors
  • Serves as a ‘swarm’ to secure different pipe sections, apartment buildings and large-scale objects.
  • Motor-controlled isolating ball valve without causing water hammers
  • Emergency unlocking function
  • In case of power failure, battery-driven emergency operations
  • Determines water hardness
  • Fitted right in the pipe - robust and brass valve casing
The SafeTech Connect continuously measures the flow rate and pressure and determines the water hardness. When using the intelligent, selflearning phase of the device, the SafeTech will adjust the settings to the measured results - for optimum protection and comfort. If the leakage protector determines that consumption is unusually high, it will shut-off the pipe. In addition, the SafeTech Connect will do a microleakage test at regular intervals and will thus detect even the smallest of leaks. If the device is connected to the internet, an e-mail or text message will be given in case of failure. The SafeTech Connect Leakage Protector can also operate as a “swarm”. In this event, one device functions as a control center, registers the data retrieved from the connected devices, analyses them and acts correspondingly. That way, different areas of a building, entire apartment buildings and large-scale objects can be secured and controlled. This system can be combined with the SafeFloor Connect radio-controlled floor sensors
SafeTech Connect