Resist any pressure: our pressure reducing valves.

Our range of pressure reducing valves always provides the right pressure. Because all our models have one thing in common: they offer high reliability plus concrete mounting and service benefits. From DN 10 to DN 100: our pressure reducers make sure that the pressure always remains stable within the admissible limits regardless of the volumetric flow rate. And, as usual with SYR valves, servicing is quick and easy due to the complete cartridge system. Removing, cleaning or exchanging the pressure reducer cartridge is very simple for all models. The previously selected setting remains unchanged.
Pressure Reducing Valve 315 AB
  • Pressure reducing valve with outlet pressure indicator
  • Pressure gauge not required
  • Cartridge for quick maintenance
  • Requires no special tool
  • Any mounting position
High-quality pressure reducing valve with threaded unions on both sides, a strainer and pressure gauge connections G ¼“ on both sides. With outlet pressure indicator. DVGW approval, acoustic protection class 1. Body made of gunmetal. Dimensions without threaded unions like D06F.
Pressure Reducing Valve 315 AB
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