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Clean and perfectly hygienic potable water is something very precious and needs to be protected. Many standards specify numerous requirements to ensure the preservation of our potable water quality. However, risks are high when the installation is not made properly or according to standards — this could reduce the potable water quality, cause infectious diseases and lead to recourse claims. The high-quality protective devices from SYR protect the potable water installation against backflow, backpressure or backsiphonage of water. Thus, you can always guarantee your customers that their water does not present any health hazards.
Backflow Preventer CA 6800
DN 15 6800.15.000 DN 20 6800.20.000
For the protection of potable water against non potable water according to EN 1717 up to and including fluid category 3. Installation upstream of apparatuses and draw-off points. Body made from hot-pressed brass. Also suited for filling self-contained heating systems with untreated water!
Backflow Preventer CA 6800
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