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Effective leakage detection for small and large-scale objects

The intelligent Leakage Detector Safe-T Connect offers reliable protection against expensive water damage in single-family homes ― due to pipe bursts, running flushing cisterns, dripping water taps or unnoticed microleakage. Even large-scale buildings like schools, kindergartens, office and industrial buildings as well as apartment houses can be protected with SYR’s Leakage Detector Safe-T Connect: the ISI Object Leakage Detector is able to interconnect various installed Safe-T Connect leakage detecting modules (Safe-T Master and Safe-T Slaves) via a server that will communicate with them, compare their consumption and react within seconds in case of leakage.

The Safe-T Connect Leakage Detector
  • offers reliable protection against expensive water damage and waste of water
  • controllable with the free SYR App (for iOS and Android) via smartphone and tablet or with the PC via Internet
  • ideal combination with the SYR DRUFI — the Safe-T perfectly fits between the DRUFI and the flange
  • special absence function for intensified monitoring
  • easy to mount with SYR’s connecting flange
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