Potable water made by SYR. Clean, safe and noticeably soft.

We from SYR love water. Our experts have successfully developed innovative products for more than 80 years to ensure drinking water of highest quality: in the field of water technology, with the smart Safe-T leakage detection system offering reliable protection against expensive water damage and with the SYR Hygiene Modules designed to preserve the potable water hygiene. And in the field of water treatment, with SYR’s Water Softeners providing noticeably soft water and protecting the installation against lime deposits. SYR’s plus: many of our water technology and water treatment products are web-enabled and controllable with our SYR app free of charge — refer to SYR Connect for more information.
Hygienemodule HM Connect
hot and cold module 2621.00.000 single module hot or cold 2621.00.001
  • durably prevents the proliferation of undesirable microbes like Legionella and pseudomonas
  • for public buildings like schools and hospitals
  • for objects like hotels or restaurants
  • monitors the water temperature
  • prevents stagnation
  • upgradeable, internet-based System
The hygiene module HM Connect working as a cleaning station is designed to preserve the potable water hygiene in large-scale buildings. The HM Connect is used in potable water installations e.g. in schools, hospitals, hotels, municipal buildings as well as industrial and commercial facilities. The hygiene module HM Connect monitors the water temperature and the draw-off cycles of potable water.
Hygienemodule HM Connect
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