Prevention rather than treading water. We make your water safe.

3,000 cases of water damage, day in, day out, in Germany alone. And the number of water damage due to pipe bursts keeps increasing year after year – and yet the repair of the pipe burst is often the lesser evil. In many cases, consequential damage is even worse. Frequently, apartments or buildings are uninhabitable as a consequence of pipe bursts – for instance because dehumidifiers have to run for weeks to prevent unhealthy mould formation. And more often than not, personal memorabilia, like photo albums or books, are destroyed and irretrievably lost. Minor problems, for example a disconnected tube or a spilling sink, can cause devastating damage that can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of euros (for more information, see We offer three options for efficient protection against expensive water damage. From single solutions to interconnected systems – if desired, controllable via the Internet!
Safe-T Connect 2421 2421.00.010
  • Provides reliable protection against leaks, prevents water damage and waste
  • Online control via smartphone and SYR possible
  • Perfect combination with SYR DRUFI: the Safe-T fits between DRUFI and flange
  • Special absence function for stricter control
  • If a leak is suspected, message on smartphone, tablet or computer
The most modern electronic system of the Safe-T permanently monitors the water consumption and compares it to the predefined values. A converter integrated in the Safe-T Connect provides access to the Internet. All valve settings can be controlled with the smartphone and the SYR App available in the App Store for free. Even when your customers are not at home, they will know that everything is „safe“, as the Safe-T Connect immediately reports leakage problems. The batteries, a power pack, a floor sensor and a plug are included in the delivery. Stand-alone version. Do not forget to order the SYR connection flange!
Safe-T Connect 2421
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