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Monitoring, Filling and Leakage Detection for Heating Systems

Starting up and servicing modern heating systems has become more complex and now implies a higher liability risk for installers and planners. As today’s heating systems react very sensitively to hard and corrosive filling water, manufacturers of heating technology have linked their guarantee and warranty criteria to reference values for heating water. However, the convenient all-round valve, the fully automatic heating system HVA 3200 Connect meets all requirements set for filling water and fulfils the VDI 2035 standard: the HVA 3200 Connect offers monitoring, filling and leakage detection for heating systems. And SYR’s cartridge system proposes the full range of cartridges for heating water conditioning in the sizes 4, 7, 14 and 30 liters.

Product infomation
The fully automatic heating system HVA Connect
  • fully automatic regulation of the filling process
  • electronic pressure monitoring
  • the digital capacity control prevents filling the installation with non-conditioned water
  • connection of the relevant cartridge system: HWE (heating water softening), HVE (full demineralization of heating water) or HVE Plus (full demineralization with pH stabilization)
Important information: The quality of the filling water has to meet the requirements set by the heating technology manufacturer, otherwise the warranty may not apply.
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